20mm matrix blackThe Speedline Matrix Fork is produced out of a special High Modulous, Nano Carbon Composite Material – The nano carbon allows our engineers to build stronger, lighter, stiffer carbon parts with a higher strength than before. It is 27% stronger than other carbon materials. It is also more flexible and has a higher fatigue resistance. And is built using high-impact compaction, this is important because by using solid inner forms during the curing stage, compared to typical air-bladder processes, we produce high-pressure compaction which means more consistent products with denser material and minimal voids.

The 7005 T-6 taperwall heat-treated aluminum steertube, further enhances the strength and wight reduction. Because of the engineering, and proprietary material and molding processes, we were able to produce a 20mm Carbon race fork that weighs in at just 20 ounces.

The Speedline Matrix 20mm Race fork is the first fork to come with the new 20mm dropout standard, and also comes with 3/8″ adapters to run your current 3/8″ front axle as well.

Currently available in 20″ Pro Size, with Pro 24″ and Mini Sizes available soon.

Stock Colors are Gloss Carbon, and White.